Full ADR driver kit

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Full ADR driver kit

A truly complete ADR kit for the driver, covering the requirements of the Treaty.

In order to fulfil the requirements set in the ADR Agreement concerning the vehicle, fire extinguishers and a suspension stop (wheel choc) must exist. 

With this kit you can be confident for any check by the Authorities as well as prove your compliance with the ADR regulations rapidly, save time and avoid possible fines. 

And of course, in case an accident occurs, you will have the necessary tools to respond to it, as a trained ADR driver should, and protect yourself from danger or injury.

This complete ADR kit includes:

1. Two (2) reflective warning triangles.

2. Protective gloves 36.5cm

3. Protective goggles.

4. Respirator (emergency escape mask) with two (2) filters.

5. Eye wash liquid (2 x 500ml bottles).

6. Reflective vest.

7. Chemical protective suit (XL).

8. Safety boots S5.

9. ATEX safety torch with Batteries.

10. Two-part safety shovel.

11. Neoprene drain cover.

12. 5,5lt collection container.

13. Written instructions according to ADR 2019 (laminated).

14. ADR bag, 70x35x30cm. The bag has handles and shoulder strap, has 2 extra pockets on the sides and does not take up much room in the cabin. It has the words 'ADR KIT' printed on one side for quick and easy identification.

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