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Defensive driving is a way to save lives, time and cost.

Defensive driving is a driving technique that drivers can easily learn. It is a way of driving that, through prevention, saves lives, time and cost, regardless of conditions & behaviors.

It's a smart driving approach that helps you avoid accidents, reach your destination while driving relaxed and enjoying the trip. With defensive driving you will not only be safe, but you will save fuel, tires and maintenance while keeping the car in a "healthy" state.

Defensive driving is defined by the set of behaviors that allow the driver to anticipate, recognize and take all necessary measures to safely avoid possible road hazards. An important part of defensive driving is that it keeps the driver alert about anything that is happening and helps him to understand more road dangers. The driver who drives in a defencive way, respects other drivers and predicts any of their mistakes.

The seminar leads to a level-of-education qualification of KE.DI.VI..Ma.1 and provides drivers with knowledge, technical training, information, proper attitudes and effective road behavior.

This program is addressed to all drivers, vendors, business executives and, more generally, to corporate vehicles, security technicians and business office managers.

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