Heavy Vehicles Defensive driving

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With proper attitude and defense techniques, we avoid dangerous situations

There is an escalation of effort to get to the point of accident reduction. These efforts are:

- Equipment. All means available to carry out activities. Whether this equipment is safe and appropriate. How can they handle it safely and effectively,

- Procedures. What we do and how we have to do it safely. How we control the human factor.

- Human behavior. The most important factor. We invest in people with education and retraining, because they are the ones who will apply the procedures and will handle the vehicles and the equipment.

The truck-driving defensive program is designed to improve: a)the skills of professional truck drivers; b)road safety through prevention; c) knowledge-based economy and d)behavior through individual improvement, evaluation and ISO 39001.

The seminar leads to a level-of-education qualification in KE.DI.VI.MA.1, setting the foundation for professional driving without road accidents, protecting workers and helping to avoid damages and responsibilities.

This program is aimed at professional drivers of trucks, buses and roadside assistance drivers, security technicians and business office managers.

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