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Off-road driving is a pleasure.

Get to know your potential and the capabilities of your car.

Many times in the context of our professional activity or individual activity we are called to lead to situations in which we are not trained because of conditions because of the vehicle due to soil morphology.

Driving should be adapted to all of the above conditions, and for this adaptation you will need additional training on new skills that the driver may not have. Off-road driving is not an easy task for a driver who is not trained.

This seminar will make the driver capable of operating a vehicle in the higher performance limit with a safe and reliable manner, under the most extreme conditions and under high pressure. 

This program is aimed at drivers in 4x4 vehicles, Jeep-type vehicles, pick-up type vehicles, workers in territories outside the conventional road network, working in adverse weather conditions, employees in forest and mountain terrain.

Regarding the companies: by holding seminars, geared to the needs of each case, you can provide skills to the managers and employees of your vcompany, improve the overall security of your job, youyou are mitigating in the event of an accident and improve your profile.

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