Tactical Driving

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Driving that touches ... the top.

The tactical driving tutorial is addressed to professionals and individuals that driving is part of their professional activity and demands high-standard skills and abilities.

By attending the seminar the individuals will be able to perceive multiple events around them, perform high maneuvers, drive safely at high speeds and drive under pressure. All exercises are performed in accordance with safety precautions, wearing safety belts and following the instructions of the trainers.

The training takes place in groups of 4 people with 4 trainers. Each trainer gets a trainer (or 2 if the trainees are 8) and performs the exercise assigned to him. Before each exercise the trainer evaluates the trainee's level according to the goals of the exercise and determines the intensity of the exercise.

The Seminar leads to a level-of-education qualification, KE.DI.Vi.Ma.1, and provides drivers with skills and abilities to protect, be able to escape and cope with situations requiring particular driving skills and increased perception.

This program is aimed at escort drivers, bodyguards, luxury transport drivers, security officers, police officers.

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