Certificate of Professional Adequacy (PEE)

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Certificate of Professional Adequacy (P.E.E. - coach and bus)

The certificate of professional Adequacy is one of the qualifiacations for beeing able to exercise the profession of transport operator  for goods or passengers.

Having a certificate of professional Adequacy gives you the right to be a transport manager in transportation companies.

There are two certificates of professional competence:

● for freight (by truck),

● for passenger transport (by bus).

Obtaining  a certificate of professional competence requires attending a training program and succeeding  on the exams carried out by the Transport Authority (every March, June, September and December).

Following the validity of Regulations 1071/2009, 1072/2009 and 1073/2009, there is no separation of national and international transportation and only one certificate is issued for national and international transport.

Those who had obtained a certificate with the prior regulations and are only national transport can extend their certificate to international transport as well.

Holders of a higher education diploma are not required to attend a training program and can take part in the examinations with their request.

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