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School bus transfer


Transfering students is a responsible and arduous task involving drivers, escorts, training organizations, traffic offices, transportation companies and students.

All the services provided by an organization reflect the organization and its values. The transfer of students, whether by private buses or coaches, should be treated professionally, preparing all involved for the safe and qualitative transfer of students, as well as dealing with possible incidents, simple or complex.

A road accident,a medical or violence incident must be dealt with professionally and within the limits set by the organization's laws and principles. All of this establishes a system for the conditions, responsibilities, abilities the driver should know and apply in cooperation with the office and attendant.

Protect your organization and your customers through a well-trained transport system.

The seminar leads to a training qualification at KE.DI.VI.MA.1 level and provides trainees with knowledge and technical training for safety, hygiene, protection of students and workers in unusual conditions.

This program is aimed at drivers, school buses, owners of passenger transport operators, carrying pupils and parents, or guardians associations.

You can see the training content by clicking here.

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