Towing rope 5000kg

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Towing rope 5000kg

Pay attention: please read the vehicle handbook first before towing your vehicle.

- Check the rope for signs of abration or fraying before use.
- Secure each end of the rope (refer to vehicle handbook for exact positioning), to only suitable towing points (not the bumper) of vehicles.
- Do not tow a vehicle which has defective brakes, steering and/or the lights.
- In vehicles with power steering and a servo-assistance unit, one has to use more strength on the brake pedal and steering encase the engine is shut down.
- Switch on the "hazard warning lights" of the towed vehicle and display ON TOW sign in rear window.
- Leave the ignition switch in the "on" position (to disengage steering lock).
- Drive slowly and carefully. Indicate in time that you want to turn off the road.
- The towed vehicle must see to it that the tow rope will stay tight during the towing.
- Gentle brake application can be used if necessary.
- Maximum speed 30 km/h.

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