Wheel chock medium

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Wheel chock G46

Wheel chocks are mandatory by Greek law (KOK - Art. 81, par. 18) for all vehicles and trailers weighing more than 3.5tn.

They are also mandatory, in accordance with the ADR Treaty (par., for all vehicles carrying dangerous goods regardless of their weight.

The wheels chocks are used when the vehicle is parked (especially on sloping ground), when loading and unloading, and when transporting the vehicle (on another vehicle).

The size and number of wheel chocks required depends on the wheel diameter, weight and type of vehicle.

This wheel chock is made of durable plastic, has a bright yellow color and is certified according to European standard DIN 76051-46.

Its dimensions are: 190 x 385 x 155mm and the radius R is 460mm.

Can be saved to holder with code: 02-03-04-32-034.

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