Passenger Transportation (Tourist Busses)

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The transportation of passengers by tourist busses is a responsible and painstaking work involving drivers, tourist companies, contractors and subcontractors.

These transports are governed by a strict national and European legal framework, raging from security of movement to civil liability for any omission, loss or damage that may be caused to passengers.

A case of car accident, theft, loss of luggage, sexual assault, intoxication, difficult client, violent or medical incident need to be handled with professionalism and within the limits set by the law.

All the above establish a system of conditions, responsibilities, abilities that the driver and the company in question needs to be aware of and apply in cooperation with the transportation office and its partners. 

Precaution is the cheapest way to deal with unforeseen situations, avoid damages, delays and anything else that could be damaging for a business.

The seminar leads to Ke.De.Mi.Ma.1 level certification and provides the trainees with  known ledge relating to the safety, protection, hygiene of both the staff and the students in addition to technical skills in unusual conditions.

This seminar is aimed for tourist  bus drivers and owners of passenger transport companies, tourist companies and anyone who is involved in the transportation industry.


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