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The revolutionary design of the HT-TOUCH EVO, the first thumb-operated acceleration system, takes ad-vantage of the high sensitivity of the finger on which it is applied. The pressure applied to the device, en-sures gradual acceleration in any driving condition. The device, through a variation in the magnetic field amplified by means of an electronic control unit interfaced with the vehicle system, allows you to acce-lerate. The variation of the magnetic field, generated by moving the non-mechanical controller, signifi-cantly increases the lifetime of the device.

The HT-TOUCH EVO is activated, once the vehicle ignition has been turned on, by pressing a button which then activates the electronic component of the device, conceived as an interface for the electronic control units of different vehicles without the need to modify their functional specifications, Cruise Control and Kick Down. To better manage the HT-TOUCH EVO the first few times, and during more complex driving manoeuvres, acceleration can be reduced by about 50% by activating the Park function, which increases the management capacity of the device.

This type of device allows to have always one hand free and this allows to better use the steering wheel. When the device is not on, or the vehicle is used by a driver wi-thout mobility problems, the control can be easily removed by pulling out the connector from the little electronic unit.

The HT-TOUCH EVO is patented as a result of its innovative, functional and technical features, making it an even more distinctive and exclusive product. As with all of our acceleration systems, the device can be removed from one vehicle and used on another vehicle.

The price is without the installation cost.

Warranty: three (3) years.


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