Vertical brake PUSH

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Product Code: 05-01-01-91-026
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The HT-PUSH vertical brake is operated through a natural push forward on the lever. Special care and attention has been given to the ergonomics and the design. The leather of the knob, available in four colours, the matte black in combination with the all-aluminium lever, and the silver or black colour options of the finishing plate at the rotation point make it possible to incorporate the device in the interiors of today's vehicles.

The various possible adjustments, as well as being able to position the horn and electric brake lock buttons also on the left side, means that the de-vice can be adapted to the needs of each individual user, allowing it to be integrated with the interiors, in the best possible way. The HT-PUSH is not connected to the steering column so that there’s enough room for transferring from the wheelchair to the seat and the vehicle safety fea-tures, such as knee airbags and steering wheel adjustments, are unchanged, and no modifica-tions to the plastic components in the passenger compartment are required.

The combination of the HT-PUSH brake with other acceleration devices allows acceleration to be deactivated du-ring the final stage of braking, meaning that standing starts from a parked position, or an incline, can be better managed.

As it is a standard device, it can be later transferred to a newly purchased vehicle. The vehicle where it was mounted can be then returned to its original condition.

The price is for the ECO version, which does not include the horn and the brake lock. Also, installation is not included.

Warranty: three (3) years.


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